Thanks for stopping by! We are just 2 simple friends from Melbourne who share a passion for travel. We have been to over 30 destinations worldwide and we fully plan on making these numbers higher! Want to know where we have been? Look At the Map at the bottom of the page! We started this blog to share our wonderful experiences with the world! If you want us to post about something… Leave a reply below. On our blog we will be posting about

  • Holiday Experiences
  • Reviews Of technology, restaurants/cafes, airlines and much more!
  • How to pick the best seats on an aircraft
  • Other DIYs and How Tos
  • A day in our life

Have anything you want us to post about or any feedback? Feel free to write in with the “leave a reply” on all of our posts! You can follow us on instagram @jessandlachie or you can go to our public facebook page facebook.com/jessandlachieblog to check out post updates. You can message us via our facebook page or use this direct message link http://m.me/jessandlachieblog (facebook log-in will be required) You can also get in touch with us via email by sending a note to blogbyjessandlachie@gmail.com … You guys are more than welcome to post on our page and ask us for a post or any suggestions!

Follow us on bloglovin’ too! https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/jess-lachie-17706795

To find out more about our bloggers and staff, have a look at their about.me pages!

Lachie: about.me/lachlanalexander

Jess: about.me/

To make our cover images for most posts, we use a website called canva which allows us to design some really cool graphics using different  photos and layers FOR FREE!

You can submit feedback for our blog herehttps://goo.gl/qDxAEy

Lachie And Jess

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