Learning How To Travel…

Hey There! Yes, It has been a while… But we’ve been very busy with school and other projects associated with Jess and Lachië

We are, however, very excited to announce that we can now share our advice with you, on a one-to-one basis! We invite you, to join our Google Classroom, on learning how to travel. We focus on the “back to basics”, health affects of travelling, along with etiquette tips.

On this online classroom, you can view slideshows with more detailed information, along with worksheets, quizzes and general forums on travelling. We’re also able to communicate with you, using features such as Private Commenting, and email.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 7.12.25 pm.png
Join Our Classroom By Entering The Code: 80vg2 on classroom.google.com

So, here’s how to join!!

  1. Go To classroom.google.com or download the Google Classroom app from the Android Play Store, or Apple App Store
  2. Sign In, using your Google Account
  3. Click the “+” and then “Join Class”
  4. Enter The Code “80vg2
  5. Google Classroom Should Take You Through A Very Short Introduction – Tutorial
  6. The Very Top Post Displayed On The Jess and Lachie Travel Classroom, Should Have Further Information Regarding Our Online Classroom.

Please Note: If your google account is associated with a school or workplace (not @gmail.com) the Google Classroom Class Code may not work with your domain. This depends on the settings your administrator has set. Generally speaking, school google accounts won’t work with this code.

What we can see: Jess and Lachie doesn’t get to view personal information about each participant. The only options we have, are to send you a “Private Comment”, “Grade”, “Return”, “Email” or “Ban” you. We do not have access to your phone number, address, other google classes or any other information.

Notifications and Emails: If you’re using the application, you may get a notification when we return, grade, post an assignment/announcement. You will typically receive emails of the same type that will look something like the image shown below. These can be disabled through the classroom application and web-app. Just send us an email for assistance.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 8.43.28 pm.png
Google Classroom Emails Look Like This…

We really hope to see you around on our Google Classroom, and if there are any questions regarding this, please get in touch, either through our social media, or by email.


Jess and Lachie 🙂


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