Things To Snack On When You’re Abroad

Guess What?! It’s our birthday!! Today, we turn 1. It’s been a massive year for us and we’ve grown so much since we’ve started exactly 12 months ago, today.


We’re sharing a post with you guys about what you can snack on when you’re on the plane. Let us know if you have any suggestions for future posts or other yummy things to snack on, on the plane! Don’t forget, we now have a youtube channel! Please subscribe and watch videos on this channel and leave suggestions on what videos we should do next! If you’d like to watch the first video in our “quick tips” travel series, please follow this link (


1: Chocolates:

Doesn’t need to be family block. Just Something sweet to keep you going.

2: Crisps:

Come in variety of brands and flavours. These are light and taste really good.

3: Clif Bars:

Tasty snacks that keep you going! I absolutely love these bars and they’re sure to give you a little energy

4: Granola bars:

Just like a muesli bar. Has a much healthier variety!

5: Nuts:

Contain protein and a wide range of vitamins. There are also salted almonds and wasabi nuts as well!

6: Dried Fruits: 

Dried mangos, papaya, paw paw, pineapple, sultanas all taste great! Turkish apricots are our favourite and we would definitely take these on the plane.

7: Biscuits:

The flavours, types and textures are endless, choose as you please.

8: Popcorn:

Try adding a few teaspoons of sugar to your microwaveable popcorn in a zip lock bag for a sweet taste.

9: Pretzels:

Not the large chocolate covered pretzels! The small packaged pretzels are easy to store in a handbag.

10: Muffins:

Easy to make and are a great choice for the kids as they have a great taste are sure to keep the kids busy for a few minutes.

ATTENTION: Customs Recommendations – Important:

These food items need to be thrown out before landing or immediately after landing in the designated quarantine bins. If you intend to keep any food items, you must declare them on the declaration cards handed out by flight attendants. However, if deemed unsuitable by customs staff, the food products may be confiscated and destroyed.

Thanks for having a read! Let us know what you thought below! You can watch the video version of this post with our top 3 favourite foods from this list on our youtube channel here:


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