Ways To Book Your Dream Holiday!

Here are a couple of ways to book that dream holiday you’ve been waiting for, these holidays!

Way #1: Speaking To Your Local Travel Agent/Looking around for package deals

You can contact your local travel agent to organise your holiday. These can be found at most major shopping centres or online. A good package website is lastminute.com.au (also lastminute.com or lastminute.co.uk ) that organises hotels and flights for a reasonable price. Also websites like flight centre and web jet can offer package deals.

Way #2: Using MyHolidayCentre

This website could be considered as a travel agent but it provides you with all of the options from your couch! Access the options for packaged holidays to Queensland, Fiji, Bali, New Caledonia and More! Go to http://www.myholidaycentre.com.au/

Way #3: Book Everything Yourself – Be Your Own Travel Agent!

You can do this by booking flights at your favourite airline which may be Emirates, Etihad, Virgin Australia or Jetstar .We always recommend checking trip advisor to research hotels in your destination and using their links to book for your upcoming holiday. They often rank their partner’s price for you to view all in the one place.

Way #4: Comparing Prices (More of a tip 😉 )

Create a spreadsheet by either using google sheets, microsoft excel or any other kind of spreadsheet making software to chart out different prices so you can see all in the one place how much your holiday will cost.

Regardless of where you go, please be safe! Check in with your government’s updates on travel to certain countries. If you’re in Australia, smartraveller.gov.au is a very convenient website that profiles countries by safety rating and displays live warnings for each country.

Way #5: AirBnb

Finding accommodation within the area you want to travel is relatively easy. Many websites offer great deals and discounts. One great website I found was www.airbnb.com , which provides hotel rooms, apartments and houses. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to stay in a real-life treehouse or private island airbnb has available.

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Enjoy 🙂



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