Tech For Travel

So. You need to have something other than your phone to keep you busy but you don’t want to bring  your whole home-office set-up with you while you go away? Hmmm…

Here are some (hopefully) helpful tips on bringing technology while you travel to ensure you have fun but don’t have to be lugging around a suitcase just for all of your gear. We’ll include specific items and a few apps you might want to download to make your experience better. Scroll down until you find the information you’re looking for by reading each sub-heading. If we can’t help you in this post, don’t worry. You can always leave a comment below or send us an email.


Recommended For Holidays (Duration): +2 Days

Importance (On a Scale of 1-5): 3-4

Tablets and iPads are a great way of keeping us entertained on the go and it’s a great




Recommended For Holidays (Duration): +4 Days

Importance (On a Scale of 1-5): 3-4

These aren’t really necessary for quick 2 day trips (if you aren’t going away for business). I love my laptop and take it almost every time I’m abroad but it really isn’t needed for a trip that’s only overnight or a few days. I use a Macbook Air when I’m travelling but any laptop of your preference will be fine just try to make sure it’s not too heavy and always pack it in your carry on for security and safety reasons. Check with your airline regarding carry on limits and information about travelling with laptops. Some countries do spot checks on laptops to ensure that they are authentic and of working order.


iPods/Music Players


Recommended For Holidays (Duration): Not Recommended

Importance (On a Scale of 1-5): 2

iPods and MP3 players are not an essential for travelling and are considered a thing of the past. Most smartphones these days are more than capable of laying music that can be downloaded and synced. If you’re really eager to take your iPod, then by all means. Or, if you’re a kid who doesn’t have a phone yet then this is the best option for you.


Recommended For Holidays (Duration): 2+ Days

Importance (On a Scale of 1-5): 4

Capturing a holiday is important. For that reason, we recommend taking a camera. The camera should be reliable yet not too heavy like an SLR or a DSLR as this will slow you down. Unless you’re a photographer who’s travelling for the sole purpose of photography, a small point-and-shoot camera will suffice. Personally, I don’t take a camera when I travel. I take photos using my phone. If you’re going to a place where you’ll be swimming or doing other fun stuff, it might be worth investing in a go-pro or some other type of action camera that allows you to take awesome underwater shots. Great for holidays in tropical destinations.


Recommended For Holidays (Duration): Most Trips

Importance (On a Scale of 1-5): 4-5


Recommended For Holidays (Duration): ALL TRIPS

Importance (On a Scale of 1-5): 5

This is a must!! There is nothing worse than having a phone that runs flat when you’re abroad. Also, bring a portable charger. But, remember, don’t put it in your checked luggage! Fun Fact: On most planes, the cargo hold isn’t pressurised so your batteries could explode or leak when exposed to a high altitude. Ok, back to chargers. You don’t need to take one cable for every single device. Try to carry minimal cables by using the same cable for more than one device or use adaptors. Just check whether your cable fits or works with some of your other devices before you leave. Obviously, if it doesn’t it wouldn’t hurt to bring a charger for that device also.

Accessories: Hard Drives + ect:

Recommended For Holidays (Duration): Depends

Importance (On a Scale of 1-5): Depends

Things like hard drives might not really be necessary for holidays under a month (unless it’s really important). You might want to think about taking a power-board (also known as a 4-plate or 6-plate) if travelling internationally as it takes away the need to carry an international adaptor for every single device that requires power, that you bring aboard with you.


As you most likely know, the Samsung galaxy note 7 has been known to blow up and most people have either got rid of theirs. However, this is a perfect opportunity to remind you that they are completely banned from travel on most airlines. Of course, airline regulations vary and it’s always important (and encouraged) for you to check with your airline before travel. These phones present a massive danger to air safety and is therefore not allowed to be carried on board or in checked luggage at all. In fact, they were making announcements at the airport and on the plane about them.

Thanks for having a read :). I know we haven’t posted in a while but there are several posts in queue ready to go! Also, we’ve started uploading videos to youtube! You can watch the first video of our “Quick Tips” series here. As always, let us know what you think and subscribe to our channel!

Have Great Day 🙂



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